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Twilight Zone is Making a Comeback with Jordan Peele as Host

by Daryl Lawrence |

Now, this is a revamp that I can support. Amidst the terrible reboots that have been announced or launched, I am the most excited about this one. CBS announced Thursday that the show will be coming back and that Jordan Peele will be serving as the host and narrator. But not only is he the host, but he is also a producer on the show. 

The show will be on the CBS streaming service CBS All Access. I think this is the perfect time for the show’s revival as we enter a climate that feels like we are in the Twilight Zone. In an interview with Variety, Jordan Peele mentioned that he felt it was hopeful about the show “Because it’s a show that has always helped us look at ourselves, hold a mirror to society.” Watch the trailer to the revamp of the classic anthology sci-fi show below.

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