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Top 3 Summer Picks for Men

Posted by Urban Hydration on

Bath salts, body scrubs, and natural hair products are great for the whole family, which includes MEN! Here are Vontoba’s top 3 picks for men this summer:

Body Scrub for the Beard!

Any man with a beard knows that a dirty beard can lead to bumps, odors, and other unsightly issues. A good sugar scrub will gently exfoliate the face and beard while also lifting dead skin and revitalizing a man’s pores. The Vitamin A and Vitamin E in Urban Hydration sugar scrub works together with the natural veggie glycerin to heal the skin and leave a man’s entire face feeling fresh.

Conditioner for the Bald?

Yes! Conditioner makes an excellent shaving buffer. For men who shave their head with a razor, a natural conditioner like the Urban Hydration Avocado, Argan, and Coconut Oil conditioner is a gentle, non-toxic solution that will leave any man’s dome smooth, healthy, and clean. Massage the conditioner into the scalp in circular motions, wet the razor, and then shave. Rinse, and feel that smoothness!

Bath Salts for a Hot Bath to Soak those Muscles!

Next to ice packs, a hot bath with Epsom salt is the go to solution for athletes and men on the go. A soothing bath with a salt soak draws out the toxins in the body and calms the spirit. A man who works a long day, or a man who is on his feet, will truly appreciate taking a bath that is both fragrant and relaxing.

These are Vontoba’s Top 3 Picks for men this summer. Tell us what you think on Instagram or Facebook @urbanhydration!

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