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Time For a Getaway

Time For a Getaway

Better days are coming! Those days are called SPRING BREAK! If you’re getting away for Spring Break and traveling somewhere sunny and warm with your squad or significant other I hope you take full advantage of every fun activity, good meal, and flaunt for every picture, (with your mask on of course).  Turtlenecks and scarves are cool, but nothing beats the comfort and ease of a floral sundress or a cute tank top and shorts and letting the sun shine on your skin. But no one wants the sun highlighting their dry skin or getting sunburned instead of sunkissed!

Vacation is not the time to have dry flaky skin. Vacations are supposed to be stress free, and your skin has to match the “unbothered” vibes. Urban Hydration has a way to help achieve the perfect glowy shield to better enjoy your time in the sun. Urban Hydration SPF 30 Dry & Eczema Prone Moisture-Locking Sunscreen Face Lotion is formulated with Castor Oil & Shea Butter to help naturally combat dryness while protecting skin from damaging UV rays, and is safe to use on ANY skin type. Similarly the Dry & Eczema Prone Moisture-Locking Sunscreen Body Lotion also helps smooth and even skin tones, while providing daily protection from environmental factors that increase signs of aging, to keep you feeling and looking youthful! 

So whether you’re leaving for a full week or doing a quick weekend getaway, you don’t want to forget to pack your Urban Hydration sunscreen. Hurry to order  now from our website,  before it’s all sold out! 


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