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This Hair Care Entrepreneur Is Getting Rid of Shampoo

This Hair Care Entrepreneur Is Getting Rid of Shampoo

Nowadays, anyone with any sense is banking big on planned obsolescence. If you’re not familiar with the term, planned obsolescence is when companies create products with the specific intention of those products breaking or wearing down, or otherwise becoming obsolete. This ensures that the consumer has to come back and buy more of the product or an upgraded version on a regular basis, which means the company keeps making money doing more of the same. It happens in most relevant industries, from clothing to home appliances to personal electronics. Usually, companies can make products more durable or with better quality overall, there’s simply not enough incentive for them to do so.

Thankfully Michael Gordon, the CEO and founder of New Wash (previously the founder of Bumble & Bumble) is flipping that paradigm on its head: he’s proposing the New Wash product as the Swiss Army Knife of hair care, replacing shampoo as the cleaning agent as well as doing the job of your conditioner. Gordon asserts that the average shampoo, even the so-called “all-natural” ones use an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which actually dries out your hair and makes it so that you need to keep using the shampoo and other products frequently to keep your hair healthy. New Wash not only does away with the harmful ingredient, it also makes use of plenty of other hair-healthy substances to improve the overall health and sustainability of your hair, regardless of hair type. The super-agent comes as part of a $90 subscription available on Hairstory (also owned by Gordon) which is well worth the value, given that you’ll be saving plenty of money you would’ve been wasting on shampoo and conditioner.


So what do you think? A noble and genius invention or another scam? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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