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The Perils of Racial Profiling

The Perils of Racial Profiling

By Jimmie Vera

        About a week ago an incident took place at a very perspicacious university called Yale.  The incident began when an African-American student fell asleep in a communal area of the school, and a Caucasian student then called the police, and reported that a “mysterious black man” is sleeping in the common area, so police answered the call-in question, now when police arrived on the scene to come to find out that the young man was a student at the university.

 Now this is not the first incident that the university has had with racial profiling, since this story aired many students have come forward stating that they too have dealt with racial profiling, not only from the school, but also the New Haven, CT police department.  A movement has begun on Facebook where they are pushing for universities to educate their students on races, and cultures, and to put a stop to racial profiling.

- Jimmie Vera

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