Teen Vogue - 17 Beauty Products That Teen Vogue Editors Are Indulging in While Working from Home

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Urban Hydration Honey Health And Repair Pro Edge Control

“Thankfully, I have braids in right now because if I didn’t I would be having a minor crisis since all hair salons are closed. All I need to do is lay my baby hairs and keep it pushing, but in order to have them lay right I need effective edge control. I figured this was the best time to try some that I have been holding onto and I instantly fell in love with this one. It doesn’t leave white residue and it’s not oily like a lot of other edge controls I’ve tried. It’s a long-lasting hold that flattens my curls and has a natural finish, I almost forget that I even have it on throughout the day.” - Asia Milia Ware, Editorial Assistant "

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