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  • Amazon: Prime Business Opportunity?

    Amazon recently announced plans to help people start their own delivery business with just $10,000 in capital. Amazon plans to provide branded trucks and uniforms for these delivery businesses, which will deliver Amazon packages to the company’s customers.    Every year Amazon ships over 5 billio... View Post
  • Find out why you can now go to Walmart instead of the Post Office to ship items!!

    By: Vontoba Terry FedEx is Adding 500 Locations in Walmart Stores After a successful pilot program in 47 Walmart stores, FedEx is expanding its reach within Walmart stores to 500 more locations in the next 2 years.  This could be a good thing for people who have a Walmart closer to them than a p... View Post
  • Direct to Consumer Companies are Taking Over the Market and Our Wallets

    By: Ima Linzag As time and technology seems to shift and improve, our purchasing habits seem to follow suit with the change. You may have noticed the explosion of digital marketing and brands that will ship “straight to your door” and “cut out the middle man.” Though it may be overused advertisi... View Post