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Skin Care at Kohls!

Skin Care at Kohls!

Don’t you hate when you’re looking for something specific, and you go to the company’s website and you see the two words that always bring disappointment? Nothing plays with your emotions like clicking on a product to purchase it and getting the sold out message. As always, Urban Hydration has your convenience in mind. 

You can now find 6 of our amazingly refreshing skin care products from two different collections at! From the Brighten & Balanced Skin Collection, you can get the Aloe Vera Face Wash, the Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer, and the Aloe Vera Leaf Mask and give your skin the detox and healing it needs. Or you could treat yourself to some of the Nourish & Rehydrated Skin Collection including the Castor & Shea Face Wash, the Castor & Shea Daily Lotion, as well as the Castor & Shea Peel Off Mask.


Can't decide which collection sounds best? Just get both! You deserve all the LUHV your skin can get. 

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