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Share the LUHV!

Share the LUHV!

By Katie Smith, Urban Hydration

Since Valentine's Day is all about love, what better way to honor the holiday than by treating your skin to some "Luhv" with Urban Hydration. Urban Hydration is here to help you in embracing self-care as a kind of self-love this Valentine's Day.

Urban Hydration's face wash is enriched with all natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling loved and revitalized, a perfect way to start your day off right. Afterwards apply a nutritious amount of Urban Hydration moisturizer to seal in moisture and give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow that lasts the entire day. And remember to take care of your hair, curlfriend! Use their moisturizing hair care products to show your locks some love. Your hair will appreciate the extra
care, whether it's a refreshing hair spray or a deep conditioning treatment.

Valentine's Day, however, is a time to promote kindness and love far and wide, not only for oneself. With their "LUHV" collections, Urban Hydration not only pampers your skin, but also gives back to the community by partnering with WATERisLife. Imagine enjoying the luxurious items from Urban Hydration with the knowledge that every purchase helps support a cause that gives underserved communities access to clean drinking water. That is what I call the global sharing of LUHV.

But that's not where you have to end! The LUHV can also be shared locally. Think about using Urban Hydration's goods to host a community spa day, with the proceeds going to nearby organizations.

Additionally, how about volunteering at a community center and sharing some "Luhv" items with someone who would benefit from some pampering?

Your small act of spreading LUHV has the power to change people's lives. Let us give back this Valentine's Day by showing compassion and generosity towards one another. Let's establish LUHV as the cornerstone of our community. 💓

#SpreadTheLUHV #UrbanHydration #ValentinesDayGiving #ILUHVtogiveback

urban hydration supports waterislife

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