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Cartoon of Serena Williams Sparks Controversy

Cartoon of Serena Williams Sparks Controversy

A cartoon of Serena Williams has provoked a furious backlash from critics who deemed it racist and offensive. Mark Knight’s caricature of the 23-time grand slam champion’s outburst at the US Open appeared in Melbourne’s Herald Sun. The newspaper has defended the cartoon as satire, dismissing critics as politically-correct. Williams is depicted with oversized lips, jumping on her broken tennis racket, a dummy lying on the court next to it. Her match opponent, Naomi Osaka, who is Japanese and Haitian, is depicted as slender and blonde in the background. (inews)

Many people have different opinions about how Serena should have handled herself, but it doesn’t change the fact that someone would go and make a cartoon character that looks nothing like the superstar tennis player Serena Williams. All sport players have had their moment of being frustrated, or angry male & female. I don’t see how drawing a racist sketch of the tennis player brings light to the bigger issues, which is Serena Williams was not cheating. Also, her competitor was robbed of winning it fair & square, it was practically given to her.  We need to start working as a people to stop bashing people when they are already down, and I feel that this cartoon does that to a super player who is already struggling with losing something she didn’t do.

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