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School Drill Gone Horribly Wrong

Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore, India had arranged for an instructor to train students on disaster management Thursday. 19-year-old girl dies when a man named Arumugam impersonated being a trainer from NDMA, National Disaster Management Authority in India.  NDMA later released a statement saying the man was not authorized by them to conduct such a drill.

The drill had students jumping off from the second floor to a net held by students for them to land on. Allegedly, the girl had been hesitant to jump so she walked back towards the trainer. Moments later, she returned wanting to jump with a new-found confidence. But as she got to sunshade ledge, fear took over and she no longer wanted to jump. Video footage shows the girl hesitant to jump once at the ledge, as students holding the net could only watch how the instructor impatiently ended up pushing her off the ledge. The push caused the girl to fall awkwardly, hitting the sunshade, causing her to violently crack her head and tumble to the ground. Although she was rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival after sustaining fatal injuries to her head and neck.

Police have arrested the impersonator and opened an investigation. Meanwhile, reports state the instructor was not certified to perform the drill nor had the college authorities received official permission to stage the drill.

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