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Thrift shopping, if not already, is slowly making its way into becoming a mainstream medium of buying clothing. Beauty and fashion bloggers on Youtube and other websites alike are including thrifted finds on their “what I’m wearing” lists, and recommendations to hit up local second-hand shops can be seen weaved in and out of their fashion-oriented posts. For those who suffer from a lacking inventory at their local thrift stores, have no fear--dedicated websites for this environmentally-friendly way of shopping are easy to find. ThredUp, Poshmark, and Tradesy are popular options for the modern thrifter. You can even find specially curated Instagram shops for thrifted finds and vintage clothing.

The sky seems to be the limit for the second-hand trend, but one aspect that has seemed to be lacking has been accessibility for plus-sized consumers. As far as shopping in brick and mortar stores, it’s pretty much a level playing field for any and all shoppers. Common second-hand shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army are a mixed bag as far as “fashion-forward” finds go. Finding something that is trendy, as well as something that fits and is flattering will take similar amounts of arduous effort for all customers that walk in.

Instagram shops are supposed to make it easier for customers who wish to buy into second-hand fashion, with their feeds filled with a treasure trove of finds that are on trend, in good condition, and sometimes vintage designer pieces. However, the ease of perusing through these shops is not extended very often to plus-sized shoppers, as many of these Instagram stores usually only offer pieces under size 10.

The lack of size variety and diversity puts a huge limit on many potential customers from e-thrifting. However, one Instagram shop is pushing to be the change we need to see on the net. Belen’s Linens prides itself in being a vintage shop for “thiccies.” Though they have a modest following of 577, they help to fill a huge gap in the market. In their feed you can find on-trend pieces such as gingham dresses, velour tops, floral jumpsuits, and more. Belen’s Linens even features models of a variety of backgrounds and body shapes. We can’t wait to see how they grow and what more will come to address this need in the thrifting market.

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