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Kylie Jenner, “Self-Made” Billionaire

  Kylie Jenner is in the spotlight again, this time under Forbes’ list of American women billionaires. She was named on their annual ranking list of 60 self-made women, and there are are now criticisms for the inclusion of Jenner on the Forbes list. The publication deemed her the youngest self-made billionaire ever, though backlash has been made, arguing that Jenner cannot be considered a “self-made” billionaire, as the word itself is defined as having succeeded in life unaided. The Kardashian-Jenner family however, are a famously wealthy family, and critics say Kylie cannot be included in the list of self-made wealthy women when she had plenty of money and resources to begin with to easily propel her personal brand further into success. Some have even argued that Kylie did essentially no work and every move was managed by her mother Kris Jenner instead.

The technicality of the definition of “self-made” aside, her wealth is undeniable. Forbes stated that her beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, is valued at $800 million, which Jenner herself owns entirely for herself. When taking into consideration the money she rakes in from her television shows, brand deals, etc., the total comes out to a cool $900 million for her net worth.

Some people, whether it is out of sheer love or sarcasm, have actually started a Gofundme with a goal of $100 million for her to reach the threshold of officially becoming a billionaire. Since the publication of this blog post, the fundraiser has raised $435 with the collective help of 38 generous individuals.

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