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Innovation in Costa Rica: Co-ops Using Agricultural Waste for Cosmetics and Snacks

Posted by Urban Hydration on

Two co-ops in Costa Rica have found a way to develop food products and cosmetics using waste from apple, plums and guava. These food products include energy bars, sauces and toppings. On the cosmetics end, they’ve mainly made soaps and body lotions.

Some agricultural products cannot be sold due to minor faults, and this innovation is trying to use every little bit of value in those natural products. The innovation also helps farmers to solve the overproduction problem. In the old days, when overproduction happened, the selling price could drop down by more than 50%. Now, by developing new products using those overproduced fruits can help farmers maximize their income and minimize waste.

Source: https://www.thenews.coop/120513/sector/innovation-costa-rica-co-ops-using-agricultural-waste-cosmetics-snacks/

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