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How to Teach Your Son How to Shave and Care for Facial Hair

How to Teach Your Son How to Shave and Care for Facial Hair

(Note from Urban Hydration: This is a follow up to our Father's Day blog post. Enjoy!)

How to Teach Your Son How to Shave and Care for Facial Hair

At Urban Hydration we know how important fathers are, especially as they are there for us during the biggest moments of our lives – from when we first learn to walk to watching us play sports or graduate from high school and college.

Fathers take time to teach and are a boy’s first role model. So, one of the most special moments you can share with your son is teaching him how to properly shave and care for his facial hair. After all, boys tend to take up their grooming and hygiene habits from their father.

Spot the right time

Of course, there’s the right time to begin teaching your son how to groom. According to LiveAbout’s tips on teaching your young man to shave, the best time is when he finally sprouts a noticeable amount of peach fuzz or unsightly hairs plant themselves around his upper lip and chin. The frequency with which a boy will need to shave will vary, but it’s best to make it a habit to shave just often enough to look well-groomed.

Get the proper razors

Boys will often use the method that works best for their dad, so whether this means using a razor or an electric one is for you to decide. But it’s worth noting that the texture of the facial hair will decide what kind of razor is best, especially when using a standard razor. Fine facial hair, for example, is best dealt with using a 3-blade cartridge. Thicker, coarser hair may require 4 or up to 5 blade cartridges. But the latter is unlikely for a child needing to shave for the first couple of times.

Whatever you decide, it’s best to let your son use either a disposable razor or cheaper options at first to practice with. Once he gets the hang of it, then you can move him on to using more expensive tools.

Teach him to prepare his face, and then to shave

If your boy is using a standard razor, preparation means first washing his face with hot water and soap then applying a moisturizing shaving gel. In the case of an electric razor, you may want to use special pre-electric shave lotion that position the hairs before shaving.

Finally, it’s time to shave. Remind him not to rush it and to use smooth strokes while applying a light amount of pressure. Additionally, make sure he also keeps the blade perpendicular to the direction he’s shaving in as Medical News Today's guide to folliculitis explains that if he doesn’t use the correct shaving technique it can cause this particular skin condition. Folliculitis is a condition in which hair follicles become inflamed and can lead to pus-filled sores and crusty red bumps on the skin. In some cases, the infection can even spread to other areas of the body. This may be more common than you think, with a feature by Maryville University discussing how Americans make more than 916 million visits to medical practitioners every year, for various conditions like this. So, it’s a good idea to instill healthy lifestyle habits like proper shaving and hygiene early on so that you don’t have to make any unnecessary, costly trips to the doctors early on. Additionally, if your child has any bad experiences during the early stages of shaving this could also impact their confidence when shaving again, so help them in their journey so they understand all the basics from the very beginning.

Teach him how to clean up

Once he puts on the aftershave, don’t forget to teach him that cleaning up is also an important part of shaving and discipline. Tell him to clean up any spilled water and watch out for any shaving cream left on his face.

As for the razors, ensure he knows how to properly clean and/or dispose of them. The whiskers of an electric razor should be cleaned out every few days and their heads lubricated. Dull rotary heads on an electric razor should also be replaced immediately. Similarly, the cartridges of a manual razor need replacing every week or so.

With the above tips, your son will be ready to take on this traditional male rite of passage in no time. Cherish the moment – your boy is on his way to becoming a man.

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By Sarah Brownlee

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