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Help Wanted: must be over 59 years old + cause 60 year old Instagram Influencers are killing it!

By: Psyche Terry
Think Grandma is playing poker on her phone? No she is uploading today’s photoshoot to get 500,000 Instagram fans! 
That’s right it took just one awesome woman to change the game of fashion influence - get signed to do an ad campaign for nearly forgotten baby boomers and boom her account is swarming with people that are inspired by her real ness and ability to treasure her beauty and flyness at every age. 
She wears some of top brands and calls her self an “Accidental Icon.” The thought that she holds is that she doesn’t think beauty should have an age. She remembers her youth and resisting to do things like wear bras and come in line with what society says beauty should look like.
So she is avidly administering her gift of action and influence once again. She is just louder and prouder and willing to open the doors for more older non 20 year old Instagram influencers! 
I say go girl! She says: “Why do you think we would accept that our life ends when we turn a certain age?”
Psyche Terry lover of nature and all things beauty and fashion. 

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