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Hello Beautiful "TRIED IT: Urban Hydration’s Honey Style Cream Is Perfect For Overnight Styling Routines"

Hello Beautiful "TRIED IT: Urban Hydration’s Honey Style Cream Is Perfect For Overnight Styling Routines"

This article is an excerpt from Hello Beautiful to read the full article please click here " 

After nearly a week of having my sister-in-law put straight backs in my hair, I grew tired of looking like Queen Latifah in Set It Off and decided it was time for a wash day. That and the Blue Magic residue on my fingers was a major indicator y tresses were oily and dirty. As I began to fluff my “braid out,” I noticed that my hair felt brittle in the back and was losing some of its elasticity, which means I was well overdue for a deep condition.

As I hopped into the shower, I applied Urban Hydration’s Honey Shampoo to my hair under luke warm water. The consistency was light and reminded me of honey-vanilla scented dish soap; slippery but enough. One pump was enough to cover my entire head in lathery goodness. After rinsing out the shampoo, I applied a few pumps of their deep conditioner to my ends and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb. 

Before drying my hair with my boyfriend’s tee shirt, I reached up to my hair to notice how soft and sweet smelling it was. It was almost as if I bathed my hair in vanilla extract – and I loved it. I grabbed the Health & Repair Leave-In Conditioner Detangling Spray before finger combing my hair and setting it for the night. After a few spritz here and there around my head, I sectioned off my hair into quads with a rattail comb to apply the style setting cream.

Since I have all the time in the world, I wanted to experiment with my hair and see how finger coils would look on my hair. As I opened the fresh container of hair product, an overwhelming aroma of honey, vanilla and argan oil filled the room – I loved it. The cream was thick enough for me to know that it was going to seal whatever I was going to use it for, but light enough for my hair not to feel heavy during application. I took my first jab at finger coils for the first time ever in life and though they weren’t perfect, there wasn’t a flyaway or frizz in sight. Let’s see how this bad boy works overnight, shall we?

The next morning, I woke up to unravel my makeshift curls from under my bonnet. As I separated each curl, I noticed that the whiteness of the cream was gone, but the thickness and moisturize was still there. When I took apart each curl, there was an illustrious shine from the roots to the tip of my hair that I hadn’t seen before in a previous product. I took a dime size Daily Moisturizer into my hands, rubbed my hands together and distributed it throughout my hair. It was light and it smelled exactly like the other products – sweet, but subtle.

After picking out my hair, I took a nail amount of almond oil and worked my way through my scalp to give it some additional TLC. I took a final look at my hair in the bathroom mirror and fell in love. During quarantine, I had been bouncing back and forth between different products and had never seen these results in shine, lightness and great smell at once. Urban Hydration, I think you’ve found yourself a new loyal customer. "

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