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Hair on Fire? A Spa in India Creates the Fire Cut!

This week I learned about a Salon/Barber/ Spa that uses fire as a collective way to make the hair texture softer, fuller, and alive. This spa is in a city in India, where the culture is very innovative, and this style is risky. It seems that the Fire Cut is very popular among the male audience, I mean most men enjoy a risky situation, so why not get your hair cut with fire.

 The stylist conducting the Fire Cut sprays a mixture on the hair before lighting it on fire. The mixture contains different vitamins & nutrients that smell amazing while on fire and prevents the hair from smoking. Once the mixture has set in the stylist then lights the hair on fire and begins to comb through, getting rid of all the damaged and lifeless hair cells.

 If you are ever in India, check out this spa, they do other amazing things in addition to the Fire Cut. The spa caters to women, men, and children. They also have some very unique spa treatments that are out of this world. Check their videos, and Facebook updates at:


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