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Finding the Balance as a Power Couple

Finding the Balance as a Power Couple

Inc. magazine is considered a revered media of Entrepreneurship that has the power to illuminate the path for visionary business leaders. Within its pages, Inc. serves as a guiding light, empowering entrepreneurs to forge a profound impact on the world while navigating the intricate maze of building thriving enterprises.


In recent years, the Terry family has been bestowed with the honor of being featured and recognized as one of the top fastest-growing companies of private capital. In these interviews, they've shared their captivating narrative through their romantic entrepreneurial journey, business challenges, family, and more.


Now, in the newest edition of September 2023, Psyche and Vontoba are invited again as a Power Couple to talk about the alchemy of love and marriage entwined with the rapid growth of their company. and how that combination is their key to success. Read the full article by clicking here: 

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