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Featuring Power Couple Psyche and Vontoba Terry!

Featuring Power Couple Psyche and Vontoba Terry!

This month, we are celebrating business partners and couple, Psyche and Vontoba Terry!  

Psyche and Vontoba Terry started Urban Hydration with a mission to provide clean, natural products that are affordable. After struggling with eczema for most of her life, Psyche started looking into what caused eczema and the ingredients in the creams she was using for her eczema. She found many ingredients with named she couldn’t even pronounce, and after researching them, she found how harmful they are for the skin. After this experience, she decided that she did not want to give herself or her kids these products, so she began to start making her own.  

Now, Psyche and Vontoba work together to create products that are plant based and safe for all skin types. Click the link here to watch their journey with being a couple and business partners! 

We are so grateful for everything this power couple does for Urban Hydration and for our team! 

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