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Fashion or the NBA Draft?

Fashion or the NBA Draft?

June 21, 2018 marked the day of that 60 of the worlds most talented basketball’s players lives changed forever, and by this morning there were already articles on the web talking ranking the worst outfits worn on the draft stage. This is disappointing, that in today’s culture people are more focused on what people are wearing rather than what all they have accomplished. The amount of work these athletes put into training day in and day out is unmatched, and then they wake up the next morning to see critiques saying they looked the worst on the draft stage. This is without a doubt the biggest life changing moment in these young men’s lives, why can’t people focus on that? Why in todays culture is it more about the “look” and less about the time and preparation it took to make it to that stage? I think if more people would think that way, not only would the world be a better place, but athletes would be better perceived in the media.



-Tyler McMahon

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