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Celebrities Making an Impact

Lebron James was in the news recently receiving well deserved appreciation and acknowledgement for the school that he opened in Akron, OH, his hometown, for underprivileged youth. Here are four other celebrities that are also doing valuable work to help people other than themselves:

Chance the Rapper, at only 25 years old, has started a youth empowerment charity, SocialWorks. This Chicago charity has raised over $2 million, benefiting 20+ Chicago public schools.

Rihanna created the Ciara Lionel Foundation which helps children in communities with high levels of poverty. The charity's main focus is making an impact on education and health care for children.

The Serena Williams foundation works to help people impacted by violence and to improve equality in education.

Viola Davis is an ambassador for Hunger Is, a charity that combats child hunger. The charity has raised more than $18 million in the past few years and has served more than 6 million meals.


- Vontoba Terry (@vontoba)

***Making an impact is very important to Urban Hydration. That is why for every product we sell we give away one gallon of water through our partner WATERisLIFE.***

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