Brides are taking their weddings dresses to the next level with LED lights!

By: Jimmie Vera

In 2018 LED fiber fashion has made its way to the big day. Weddings that’s, right weddings.. According to women are now wearing these fairy like ball gowns that glow at the bottom of them, and glisten like magic, they even have styles that look like the galaxy, or shimmering diamonds. It looks as if the bride is floating under an illuminate light.

It seems the wedding fashion world is looking to make statements of their own, not only with clothing, but with all aspect of a weddings. Women are now creating all kinds of cool concepts, such as the LED lashes, story book photos, and even performing dance numbers at their reception. Brides are taking the old tradition ceremony of marriage and introducing it to the future.

Men & Women are even taking photo invitations to the next level. Couples are creating a magazine like invitation where they have topics about how they met, what their goals are, and their favorite things. It gets sent to guest in a fancy like box, and has about 6-7 pages about the couple. What better way to invite people to your wedding through a magazine spread? We are truly on our way to evaluation, I can wait to see what next thing wedding fashion has to bring.

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