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Breath of Fresh Hair KIds is available nationwide at Walmart

Breath of Fresh Hair KIds is available nationwide at Walmart

We are excited to announce the arrival of our revolutionary hair collection Breath of Fresh Hair Kids in Walmart stores nationwide by October 2023. Say goodbye to haircare struggles as Breath of Fresh Hair Kids takes the stage, promising to transform the way parents care for their children's hair. Building upon Urban Hydration's global impact and dedication to affordable, sustainable, and clean products, Breath of Fresh Hair Kids is the ultimate solution.

The significant expansion of products in Walmart locations nationwide will make these transformative hair products easily accessible to countless families seeking an affordable, plant-based, and CLEANical approach to haircare. Breath of Fresh Hair Kids products are the closest thing to clinical-grade care, with all the benefits of clean ingredients! Breath of Fresh Hair Kids Collection includes a Co-Wash & Conditioner, Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Lotion, and features a lightweight yet effective formula that uses natural, paraben-free, plant based ingredients and nutrients such as vanilla extract, avocado oil, honey and vitamins.

As you already know, at the helm of Breath of Fresh Hair is our visionary CEO, Psyche Terry. A trailblazer in the beauty industry, Psyche brings a wealth of experience and passion to the brand. Known for her exceptional leadership and dedication to creating products that truly make a difference, Terry's vision is to empower individuals of all backgrounds to embrace their natural beauty, as the company is proudly Black-owned, woman-owned, and family-owned. The Breath of Fresh Hair kids collection has an overwhelming amount of sentimental value to Psyche, her family, and consumers alike. Created after her daughter Faith, this collection is kid-friendly, and creates memorable moments and bonds for the whole family.

“It's been a journey working with Walmart. I’ll never forget one of my first meetings, 10+ years ago, driving to Bentonville with my newborn baby in the backseat. That baby is nearly 13 years old and now has 2 more siblings. When it comes to making care that is tangle free and lavender fresh we’ve got it figured out and couldn’t be more excited to represent small Black Owned Businesses that are growing at Walmart.” - Psyche Terry, CEO of Urban Hydration & Breath of Fresh Hair

In addition to the launch of Breath of Fresh Hair Kids, Urban Hydration is proud to announce some of our their best-selling Honey Health&Repair collection also coming to Walmart. These additions further underscore Urban Hydration's commitment to delivering top-tier products that prioritize the health and radiance for all hair types.

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