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3 Reasons Body Cream Should Become Part of Your Daily Routine

3 Reasons Body Cream Should Become Part of Your Daily Routine

Urban Hydration Coconut Oil Body CreamIt’s summer and just about everyone is having to get creative about how to keep our skin moisturized, clean, and hopefully ageless. Sure, it requires some effort, but the trick is really in choosing the best products and staying consistent with usage; with that in mind, getting through any season with happy, healthy skin is definitely possible. However, one thing that a lot of people seem to be missing from their daily routine is a good, trustworthy body cream that shores up any neglected skin needs after normal cleaning and moisturizing. Urban Hydration’s Coconut Oil Body Cream is the perfect way to address these needs, available in retail stores like TJ Maxx and Macy’s (check availability for your local store) as well as plenty of online retailers.

Urban Hydration’s body cream has maximum effect if used after exfoliating the skin (good news, Urban Hydration has a sugar scrub for that), but will get the job done just fine if used after a warm shower as long as the skin is cleaned well and rinsed properly. One reason that this body cream is amazing is that it is high in fat content, meaning it does a great job of moisturizing the skin and fortifying it against being dried out as you go about your day. You don’t have to worry about sweating it out as is the issue with some lotions; it sinks right into your skin and fits perfectly into any daily routine. Secondly, and my favorite aspect of Urban Hydration’s body cream, is that it applies easily to your skin and leaves it with a very natural feeling and a great tropical smell that isn’t overstated. I put it on and end up almost forgetting that I’ve done so, it’s that undercover and efficient at getting the job done. With other body creams, you might have to worry about how it may effect your skin, such as with a more oily product or one with a stronger smell, but all those worries disappear with this body cream.

coconutThere are long term benefits to using this body cream as well. Remember that bit about keeping your skin ageless? Urban Hydration is right on top of keeping your youth intact with healthy, strong skin, and their body cream does an amazing job of helping to reduce stretch marks when used consistently over time. This provides another great reason to stay consistent and intentional about using this body cream, as it provides more benefits the more consistent you are with your use. Overall, the Urban Hydration Coconut Oil Body Cream is an excellent product to add to your skincare regimen in order to get you over the top in getting the results from your skin that you need. By making body cream a part of your normal routine, you can get stronger, younger, more natural feeling skin using a product you’ll love.

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