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Be On The Lookout for J-Beauty!

Be On The Lookout for J-Beauty!


The rise of Korean beauty is hard to miss. You can see its prominence with the popularity of websites like SokoGlam, that sell only K-beauty products, as well as dedicated sectionals in cosmetic beauty stores like Sephora. As Korean beauty is settling itself into mainstream western culture, it may also have to make room for Japanese beauty on the way. Japan’s economy is recovering from its previous struggles, in which Korea was able to steal the limelight in terms of beauty R&D. With growth on the horizon, J-beauty will likely aim to reinsert itself in the beauty marketplace.

With its resurgence, the Japanese principles of "simplicity, understated beauty, and energized calm" will present itself in the country’s offerings. I expect to see the principle of simplicity used both in the aesthetic sense, as well as in peoples’ skincare routines. Although highly popular, many people are intimidated by the lengthy 7-step process (sometimes even stretching to a 10-step process) associated with Korean skincare. Multi-purpose products that simplify these routines will probably gain more popularity with consumers to who aim to make their Asian-inspired beauty regimens more compact.

Ima Linzag, Urban Hydration

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