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All Natural Hair Products for the Summer

All Natural Hair Products for the Summer

Summer countdown: 16 days!!  

The beach and vacation days are right around the corner! Here are some hair products that you can use this summer to keep your hair nourished and soft from the heat and sweat! During the hotter months, it’s important to use hair care collections that cleanse your hair and scalp from all the sweat and dirt without stripping away natural moisture.   

Aloe and Cucumber Hair Set: Formulated with micellar water, the Aloe and Cucumber Hair Set is perfect for deep cleaning the scalp and hair and rinsing away dirt. The shampoo clarifies the hair, removes build up, and repairs dead skin cells on the scalp to promote new hair growth. The conditioner enhances shine without weighing down the hair, giving your hair the perfect volume for the summer. The leave in conditioner is perfect to use in between washes to detangle, moisturize, and refresh hair.   

Honey and Lemon Hair Set: Carefully made with the detoxing benefits of lemon and the deep moisturizing benefits of honey, the Honey and Lemon Collection is perfect for revitalizing dull and dry hair. Lemon works to rejuvenate dry hair while working as an antioxidant to gently exfoliate dead skin from the scalp. Honey draws moisture into each hair strand and the scalp with its deep moisturizing properties.   

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