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Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 1

Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 1

Natural is a word we’ve all heard but perhaps have not been given a proper definition to go with it. It appears on everything from food to lip balm, becoming increasingly popular. The word natural carries weight, but is it deserving of this weight, or is it simply a word that is used to compel people to buy otherwise ordinary products? Well, we can’t speak for the food industry or even the other skin care lines out there, but, as for Urban Hydration, here are the top important questions you might have about our natural products and that everyone should have the answers to!


What’s in them?

The most obvious and valid question is what exactly do we mean by “natural?” There’s such a wide range of definitions when it comes to what this can mean in terms of ingredients. However, at Urban Hydration, we make our products as natural as they possibly can be without having to refrigerate them. For example, our body washes are approximately 87%-90% natural, containing only about 10% sulfate. According to, sulfates are aggressive detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts…responsible for the foaming lather we’ve come to associate with being clean.” Aggressive meaning that they are not only found in hair and beauty products, but also in household cleaning items and “in the manufacturing and construction industries to clean and degrease heavy machinery.” While sulfate may be effective in extracting dirt and oils from your skin and hair, it’s a little too effective. It ends up stripping healthy and natural oils from your skin and hair, making it harmful and abrasive. That’s why we include as little of it as possible, which is also why our shampoos and body washes don’t lather up like other, non-natural products. Basically, less lather equals no damage and harmful substances!

What questions did we miss? What do you love about our natural products?

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