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A Beginner’s Guide to Sugar Scrubs

A Beginner’s Guide to Sugar Scrubs

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1. A New Side of Sugar

Your lifestyle and routine may be getting more complicated, but the process of taking great care of your skin doesn’t have to be the same way. With sugar scrubs, you can tackle exfoliating, unclogging your pores, and protecting your skin for the long run by using your product of choice correctly and frequently. They’re great for any skin type, dry or not, and can safely be used on your face or any other part of your body: thanks to the smaller sugar granules compared to salt scrubs, sugar scrubs can be more easily and gently dissolved into the skin. In addition, they tend to help treat pesky skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis over time. They’re a no-hassle product that can easily be implemented into your skincare routine with great results, and it’s simple to learn how to use them!


2. The Basics

The first trick to using sugar scrubs is to make sure to apply frequently in order to make your skin smoother and smoother over time, and to help it retain moisture. The first step is to wash your body in a warm shower, not too hot, and to apply the sugar scrub and rub it in so that it can do its job of collecting and removing the dead skin and reinforcing the flexible, strong collagen layer underneath. Then, thoroughly rinse the skin where the scrub was applied to complete the process. The trick to sugar scrubs, though, is not to use them too often; 3 times a week tends to be frequent enough for any skin type to maximize the benefits of the scrub without overdoing it. Be sure to check the ingredients of a store-bought sugar scrub to ensure you’re not allergic to or irritated by any of the ingredients. I wouldn’t be too alarmed as sugar scrubs tend to be simple, natural recipes so there’s generally nothing to worry about when buying from a trusted brand, but it’s better to be safe than sorry: after all, the best person for the job of looking out for your skin’s best interests is you!

3. What’s Best For You

Continuing on that thought, it’s always a good idea to have your very own skin profile: know what substances tend to irritate your skin, and have an idea of what smells you’re comfortable having attached to you. The scent of your sugar scrub is especially important as it is usually locked into your skin especially as you use it more regularly, so make sure you pick one that you can stick with. If you’re especially picky, there are countless articles online on how to make your own sugar scrub with a special scent of your choosing, but I would recommend Urban Hydration’s Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and smelling like the vacation that you probably need.

Urban Hydration Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


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