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3 Ways Body Wash Really Helps With Acne Problems

3 Ways Body Wash Really Helps With Acne Problems

Back acne. Chest acne. Butt acne? Yes, except for the lucky few, many of us have dealt with acne of some sort in our lifetime. But did you know that body wash can be a cause of or a solution to your acne problems?

A body wash laden with the wrong ingredients can actually dry your skin out or remove natural oils from your skin that guard against bacteria and the elements. So how do you find the right "magic" wash to fix this? Look for these benefits:

1. Hydration - look for a body wash that features natural oils and Vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and a nutrient for skin, and also has moisturizing properties. The eight compounds in Vitamin E are also great for treating scars, stretch marks, and sunburn.

2. Cleansing - This is the main reason for buying a body wash right? Look for a body wash that is gentle and features natural ingredients like coconut oil or tea tree oil.

3. Nourishing - Your bath and body regimen should be "nutritious" for your skin. For example, products with Vitamin A can help slow signs of aging and help smooth out wrinkles. Vitamin A has properties that trigger skin cells to create more collagen, which makes your skin firmer and more radiant.

What has been your experience with the body washes you've used in the past?

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