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2018 Has Taken #GlitterBeard to the Next Level!

2018 Has Taken #GlitterBeard to the Next Level!

By: Vontoba Terry

Instagram is home to hair, makeup, and skincare trends, and we took notice of a rising trend with men’s beards. The #GlitterBeard post is becoming more popular on social media and has taken on new life, with people creating fullbeards out of glitter or simply decorating their beards with glitter. With 39,000+ tags and counting, glitter may be here to stay.

        photo credit:(  @_slayora)

During our research we discovered that you have craft glitter (made of metal) and cosmetic glitter (made of plastic or some type of polyester) in stores, and the safest choice is cosmetic glitter for glamming out a beard, mustache, or goatee. Watch out for glitter that is made up really fine glass. Who knew that glitter was so complicated?

Let us know in the comments if you have tried a glitterbeard or you know someone who has. They may need an Urban Hydration shampoo and conditioner to get all of the glitter out!

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First Photo:( @zdurthy07)

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