Products with a purpose - with every product sold, we donate to waterislife.



Massive Global Change is Comprised of Small Contributions and that’s why buyers and management from over 7,000 retail stores partnered with us to help WATERisLIFE provide clean drinking water to over 230,000 in just 6 months! Why do we care so much about helping provide safe drinking water to 1 billion people by December 2020?

• Women and girls in affected areas spend up to 6 hours per day hauling water
• Only 1 out of 4 girls completes primary school in developing countries
• 2 out of 3 illiterate adults are women
• For every 10% increase in female literacy, the economy grows 0.3%

It’s been said that the natural movement is led by women of color and that it has changed the landscape of beauty and business. Our mission-based company serves a greater good for all women, including women of color by first providing safe fruit and plant based ingredients to our customers; and second, partnering with our customers to provide natural safe drinking water to women around the world.

Together we can provide naturally sustainable products and transform communities for all women globally.

We serve as sustainable givers of happiness through the global organization WATERisLIFE. Urban Hydration is working tirelessly to help create happiness around the world by giving a portion of proceeds from every product we sell to saving to build a well in The Congo, Africa. And because nearly 1 billion people lack clean access to water Urban Hydration often supports other national and local missions to help provide access to water.



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