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Why You Need Sunscreen This Summer!

Why You Need Sunscreen This Summer!

by Ima Linzag




It’s nearly the end of May and summer is getting here quicker than we think! To prepare for the sun and fun, it is always important to keep your skin protected. At Urban Hydration, we have a plethora of products that help with skin issues such as dark spots and fine lines, amongst other things. However, did you know that sun damage is the leading cause for these very same skin issues? Slathering sunscreen on regularly will not only help protect you and your loved ones from dangerous skin cancer, but also helps prevent beauty issues from occurring such as age spots from occurring.



Some may argue against the regular use of sunscreen due to inconvenience or issues that come from using them, such as “white cast” (the white-ish layer over skin that can be a byproduct of using sunscreen), however as cosmetics evolve, so do their benefits and innovations. Many beauty products and moisturizers now include SPF in their formulas, so regular use will allow you to be sufficiently protected. There is no excuse for being left uncovered, so be sure you never go seen without sunscreen!


- Ima Linzag


Quick Tip: Use Urban Hydration Sugar Scrub to help heal sun damage and dry skin issues.

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