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Serena Williams Has a New Clothing Line!

Serena Williams Has a New Clothing Line!

 by Ima Linzag


Serena Williams is known for her legendary athletic feats. However, this championship-winning tennis star hopes to make her mark on the fashion world as well. This week she launches her first independent clothing line, Serena, and hopes to be a source of empowerment for “all the ladies out there being awesome,” as she states on her clothing website.


            Williams produced a 12-piece collection, in addition to a trademark gold-finish “S” logo pin. The collection is surprisingly diverse for 12 clothing pieces. It ranges from intimates to athleisure, and even includes a delicate palm-green slip dress. She shares on her site, “My designs are inspired by strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly, and spontaneous women who are living their best lives, or making it up as they go. Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on. I dedicate this collection to everyone who’s ready to rep their S."


Serena Williams Clothing Line

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