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New Protective Styling Products

New Protective Styling Products

Well, to me it's about a hair-focused brand focused on braids. I am actually pretty impressed with this next step by Shea Moisture. Sounds like their team paired up with some good oils to make a collection of products specifically for braiding hair. How smart was this? They claim they can help reduce odor and issues caused by braids. 

I'm impressed by their leadership in this area. As a woman of color that usually wears protective styles I am excited that the door has been opened for more retailers to see the importance of different brands offering different products for different styles. 

Shea Moisture said the products can help prepare hair for such protective styles as box braids, cornrows, extensions, and weaves by using these products that address an array of concerns such as breakage and odor.

I'm sure the loc community is excited and as a Naturals company that has Skin Care and Hair Care. I guess we are too. Innovation is always smiles upon from our neck of the woods! 

Congrats Shea! Good job on this one! 


Psyche Terry 

Naturals lover and founder of Urban Hydration. 

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