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Moisturized Skin for the WIN

Moisturized Skin for the WIN

I don’t know about you, but me and the winter weather have always had a love/hate relationship. I like the aesthetic of “walking in a winter wonderland”, but in reality, the winter wind and snow can be extremely harsh towards my skin, and can sometimes leave me discouraged from even going outside. When the season changes, so should your skin care treatments, because our bodies are experiencing different elements. Even when it’s cold, I want that baby soft, clear skin with a summertime glow.

The Urban Hydration Nourish and Rehydrate Castor & Shea collection, never disappoints in the “glow” department. Nothing is more frustrating than dry spots, and peeling around the nose when your face is dehydrated after an attack from the winter air. The Castor & Shea Face Wash is a fantastic wintertime cleanser to remove any impurities on your face or neck, and gives your skin the daily burst of hydration it needs to prepare for the cold. We all know that cleansers are most effective when paired with moisturizers. The Castor & Shea Daily Face Lotion is so moisture packed that it only takes a pea sized amount, to keep your face naturally glowing, even when confronted by the winter winds. 

It's probably all the unhealthy quarantine snacks paired with the yummy wintertime comfort foods, that have my skin occasionally breaking out, all over my face. Thankfully, the Castor & Shea Spot Cream keeps the acne removed with its olive oil, rosehip, and hemp seed oil blend, which helps to heal the infected areas. And to end the day, just as beautifully and moisturized as you started, the Castor & Shea Night Cream is perfect for an overnight nourishment and hydration treatment. For your “Self-Care Sunday” routine, spoil your skin with the Castor & Shea Facial Mask to remove any impurities and exfoliate away any dead skin and the appearance of aging lines, leaving your skin smooth and with a natural shine.

Once you know better, you have to do better, so if you’re reading this, you have no excuse for dehydrated, and lackluster skin this winter. Activate your glow up today with The Urban Hydration Nourish and Rehydrate Castor & Shea collection.

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