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How Happy Is Your Hair?

How Happy Is Your Hair?

Can our hair really express happiness? I think so. I would describe my hair as depressed, sad, or struggling, when it's dry, flaky, brittle, lifeless, and damaged. But when my hair is happy, it’s shiny, moisturized, soft, voluminous, and healthy. Seasonal depression can not only negatively affect our moods in the winter months, but the quality of your hair as well. We have to be diligent about giving our hair the nutrients that it needs to keep our hair moisturized, and happy even during the dreadfully cold, winter months. Because we all know, when you look good, you feel good. And even if you don’t feel good, your hair shouldn’t have to reflect your inner struggles. 

It’s not always just the harsh weather that negatively affects our hair, but even the clothing we wear. The winter time wool sweaters, scarves, and hats often protect our bodies from the cold, but adversely damage our hair. Our ends split when rubbing against  harsh fabrics, thick hats can dry out our scalps, create sores, and even breakage. We have to be  more intentional about how we protect our hair during the winter,( than in the summer when it thrives in the sun) so that our hair isn’t out here looking thirsty for attention. Urban Hydration has bottled up the happiness your hair needs with the Urban Hydration Rose & Hemp Haircare Collection. If you haven’t heard of this iconic duo (Rosehip Oil and Hemp Seed Oil), let me break down its goodness for you. Hemp seed oil is packed full of Vitamin E and is a strong conditioning agent that everyone’s hair could use to help keep their hair better protected. Rosehip Oil hydrates the scalp to help prevent hair thinning and loss, so your hair can thrive and withstand every style, despite the blistering cold weather that may be attacking it. 

The Rose + Hemp Moisturizing Shampoo is loaded with healthy, natural, extreme moisturizing ingredients that promote shine and health, while strengthening hair and revitalizing curl definition. Follow up with the Rose  + Hemp Deep Conditioner that easily breaks through tangles, while cleansing and moisturizing strands and restoring softness. The Rose and Hemp Daily Moisturizer gives your hair the daily refresher it needs between wash days to keep it soft, nourished, and shiny.  Coming out of a protective hairstyle or a few days of hairstyles that were heavy on the gel? Don’t worry about playing tug of war with your kinky curls, the Rose + Hemp Leave-in Conditioning & Detangling Spray detangles and refreshes curls without harsh chemicals that can cause further damage. Made with concentrated, nutrient-rich ingredients, this leave-on conditioning spray intensely softens, silkens and hydrates dry and thirsty hair. And of course, to not just treat our hair, but to spoil and pamper our hair, the Rose + Hemp Clay Hair Mask helps detox hair from damage caused by product buildup. It helps moisturize your scalp, as well as your hair, to reduce breakage and promote hair growth.

Using these products to update your wash day routine is just the “pick me up” your hair needs to get it out of its depression, and transition into the happy hair that everyone will envy. Happier curls should make for a happier girl, with one more thing to LUHV about yourself this year. Head over to the Urban Hydration website and get the products you need for happier hair.

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