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Men Want to be Pretty Too: How the Beauty Industry is Making Room for Male Products

Men Want to be Pretty Too: How the Beauty Industry is Making Room for Male Products

I recall a family member looking at my skin years ago, after I had finally won a long battle with puberty and adolescent acne. She marveled at how smooth and glowing my it was: it was nowhere near perfect, and I’m still working on it today, but she wanted me to pass my information along to her son. She told me he refused to even wash his face. Another aunt nearby chimed in saying that was just a boy thing. I was confused. We all went through puberty and acne was a normal part of it. How could they just not want to wash their faces? 

That was then. Now, the beauty industry for men is growing and is continued to rise. According to the Euromonitor, it is estimated that the market for male grooming products is to reach to $60.7 billion. And this market is not just shaving and cologne anymore. Men are paying more attention to their appearance including skincare and haircare. They are shying away from the two-in-one hair and body shower gel (finally!). This has introduced male-specific lines in stores as well as male-specific standalone stores. Men want masks, scrubs, and serums (oh my!). Spending the night in with bae? Why not do a mask together. Yes, that’s considered a date.

Now that unisex brands are recognizing the growing trend; it is showing in their marketing as well. A large hand is shown holding a tube of a face toner. The sunscreen is artfully placed on a table with other “male essentials”. The message isn’t hyper-masculine; it is simply a necessity. Ladies, this might mean you want to keep an eye on your faithful mask; you might be running low sooner than you think.  

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