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7 Tips to Protect Your Hair from Damage This Summer

7 Tips to Protect Your Hair from Damage This Summer

Unwanted change in colour is one of the biggest complaints about hair during the summer time. While people enjoy the sunshine, the pool, and the sea, these all have adverse impact to your hair. Below are 7 tips you should know to protect your hair from damage during the summer.

  1. Heat from the sun does not affect hair health. Keratin in your hair can bear up to 180˚C before damage occurs. It’s the UV light within sunlight that hurts your hair.
  2. Use an SPF to protect your hair from the sun’s UV light or wear a hat. If you want to use SPF, reapply every time your hair gets wet.
  3. Only outdoor pools will turn your hair green. Why? Chlorine does not turn hair green. It’s the copper, and copper pipes are usually used to transport water for outdoor pools.
  4. While chlorine does not turn your hair green, it will dry your hair out. When your eyes start stinging, your hair is dry too.
  5. A moisturizing or a bond-restructuring treatment can help prevent/reduce hair damage
  6. Apply rich conditioner/oil before you dip in the water, and remember to rinse your hair thoroughly after every swim.

Apply lemon juice on your hair; don’t worry, it won’t bleach it, it only makes your hair smell good.


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