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Keep It Cute With Cleansing Oils

Keep It Cute With Cleansing Oils

How are you? How are you feeling...really? I ask because sometimes, even when we’re stuck in the house with plenty of “free time”, we still aren’t that good at being productive. Sometimes being given too much time can just make us lazy. The winter time usually keeps everyone in the house more than usual, but it’s usually not that bad since we had all summer to be outside. 2020 however, seemed to keep us stuck inside for what felt like the WHOLE YEAR. So now, we’re all going stir crazy inside the house, feeling discouraged and afraid to go outside. And our skin is starting to look like, what we’re going through...the struggle. Let’s fix that.

Even the most popular cleansers have the fatal flaw of leaving our skin dry. High quality skin care isn’t just about removing acne, but leaving our skin hydrated and baby-soft, no matter your age. Thankfully, Urban Hydration has a product that can do it all. Even in quarantine and through horrid weather, Urban Hydration is determined to help you keep it cute, with our cleansing oils

If you’re not familiar with the oil cleansing method, it’s about time you got hip to the process. 

All you need to do is apply a warm, damp cloth to your face for 20 seconds ( as if you were getting a fancy facial). Then, with clean hands, massage two drops of oil onto your face to help dissolve grit and grime. Gently wipe off the oil with a warm, damp cloth. Wash your face twice a day for at least two weeks to see best results.

Our 5 star-rated Rosehip & Olive Cleansing Oil is the perfect remedy. Olive oil has long been used as an extremely gentle beauty and cleansing agent for removing makeup. While Rosehip oil is beneficial for cleansing the face and smoothing lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. This soothing cleansing oil is a great healer for sensitive skin, nourishing to dry skin, and helps even your skin tone.

So if you’re ready to defeat dull winter skin, head over to your nearest Ulta Beauty store to purchase this skin care hero and take the first step, towards being more gentle with yourself.

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