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It's Time To Treat Yourself

It's Time To Treat Yourself


Luhvies! How was your Valentine’s weekend? Did you go out somewhere special and get chocolates? Did you get with your friends and binge watch chick flicks and eat ice cream? Did you bitterly eat candy and stalk all the social media stories of girls you know in relationships trying to live vicariously through them? Whatever you did, I’m sure you did some indulging in some delicious sweets. And you certainly deserved them, because life is hard and you have to make sure you’re treating yourself. However, even sweets are only good in moderation, and many times after overloading on sugary snacks and drinks, our skin reacts in breakouts. 

In 2021, most of us have pretty solid skincare routines to keep our face glowing. But everyone gets the occasional, awkwardly placed, sugar, stress, or hormonal induced pimple that comes to kill your vibe. When you have specific problem areas on your skin, the best decision you can make for your skin is to invest in a Urban Hydration treatment cream! 

Always wash your face first. Try our best selling, Aloe Vera Leaf Face Wash to give your skin a fresh and clean slate, and allow direct exposure to the infected area! Then, for the best results, rub the Aloe Vera Leaf Spot Cream directly on the pimple or dark spot to fight the acne, fade dark spots and leave your skin feel smooth! After this, just continue with your normal skin care routine.

You’re welcome, in advance for the skin care solution you didn’t know you had. Head over to our website, CVS, or Target  to get yours now! 

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