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Give Yourself Roses

Give Yourself Roses

February is all about LOVE! Contrary to popular belief, February is not the month to shame the singles. At Urban Hydration, we believe this month is simply about celebrating love. Whether you are head over heels about your significant other, or turning up with your single besties who make you feel empowered, there is probably a lot of love to cherish in your life. But as the Instagram quotes are always reminding us, SELF LUHV is the BEST LUHV! Every relationship in your life buds from your relationship with yourself, and it sets the tone for how others treat you. So, when was the last time you gave yourself roses? My guess is... it’s been too long.

Urban Hydration is here to help you kick start your self-love treatment with our Rose Hemp Hair Collection! If you already have experienced its goodness and have it, get it for your significant other or a friend who could use some luhv for Valentine's ( or Galentine's) Day. Besides, who doesn't love roses?


Hemp seed oil is packed full of Vitamin E and is a strong conditioning agent. Rosehip Oil hydrates the scalp to help prevent hair thinning and loss. Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Collection has everything you need to keep your hair healthy, gorgeous, and feeling LUHV’D. This haircare set is loaded with healthy, natural and extreme moisturizing ingredients to help repair damage, prevent breakage and tame frizz.  


Who doesn’t LUHV clean hair?! The Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Shampoo intensely cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes dry hair in one wash! And to get the curls defined and poppin’, the Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Deep Conditioner breaks through tangles, while moisturizing strands, and restoring softness. The Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Daily Moisturizer provides extreme moisturizing to help prevent breakage and repair damage on a daily basis, between your wash days and helps to keep your hair more manageable.  If your hair is coming from a place of neglect and needs a total LUHV reset, I’d suggest the Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Clay Hair Mask, which helps detox hair from damage caused by product buildup.


Even if you like your current wash day routine and products, you need to go buy and upgrade to this collection. You can purchase online, at Bed, Bath & Beyond,  or JCPenny! No excuses allowed, it’s time to give yourself the roses you deserve.
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