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Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry Prepares Adorable Animated Short Film

Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry Prepares Adorable Animated Short Film

I’m proud to announce this very special short film from one of my mutuals on Twitter, Matthew A. Cherry. The animated short film, titled “Hair Love”, has plenty of adorable daddy-daughter moments as a black father attempts to do his little girl’s hair for the first time and the little girl learns to accept herself from head to toe. With beautiful, simple animation and a very positive message, the film will be an absolute must-watch, and with a duration of only 5 minutes it won’t even take up much of your time.

The film was created with the help of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 by Aug. 9 to help cover production costs, but thanks to the huge amount of support for the film, it has already raised almost $135,000 with 19 days left to the end of the campaign. The film is being made with the help of co-director Jason Marino, and Cherry says that part of the inspiration for the film came from seeing plenty of videos on YouTube of fathers attempting to do their daughter’s natural hair; he goes on to say that he wanted to create a film that went against a “lack of representation in mainstream animated projects”, and we’re all looking forward to seeing him create something that is unique and heartwarming.

You can go here to see the campaign, and feel free to follow @MatthewACherry to keep track of when the film debuts!

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