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Scoot Over Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil is Coming Through!

Scoot Over Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil is Coming Through!

For years, jojoba oil has been one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets. This is because it is a natural oil extracted from the jojoba plant and known to be the closest oil to the natural oils that your body produces which help protect the skin from external toxins. When the skin is unable to produce these natural oils, jojoba oil can be the perfect substitution. 

Jojoba oil is full of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B and E and key minerals zinc and copper which can be used daily and can benefit your hair and skin. According to, here are 7 ways Jojoba oil can be used regularly. 

  1. Retaining moisture: jojoba oil can keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated by moisturizing it without clogging pores and by preventing the built-up bacteria causing blackheads and/or acne.
  2. Hydrating lips: for during those harsh winters, jojoba oil can be massaged gently on the lips to protect from dryness and cracks. 
  3. Wrinkles: The essential minerals packed in jojoba oil can reduce wrinkles and visible aging. 
  4. Natural Sunscreen: When applied to the full body, jojoba oil can act as a natural alternative to harsh chemical sunscreens. 
  5. Treating Sunburns: Because of its natural healing properties, jojoba helps soothe the pain of sunburns.  
  6. Hair growth: jojoba oil is full of vitamin B and E which help to strengthen hair follicles, condition the hair shaft (making the hair shinier), and add volume and density, removing overall scalp dryness. 
  7. Make-up remover: Just a few drops of jojoba oil can be used as an natural makeup remover. Ridding your skin of any stubborn makeup while renewing your natural glow. 

Now, I know you're thinking, “But coconut oil is my best friend!”, but fortunately, there are other essential oils out there that will keep you looking like the Queen/King you are. 


Another Resource: by Sarah Hayward at Hair Loss Revolution

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