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Fall Skincare Tip 2: Hand Creams!

Fall Skincare Tip 2: Hand Creams!

Here’s Fall Skincare Tip 2 for this month: Hand Creams!

Especially during the fall and winter, hands tend to get super dry and annoying during the day. However, whenever you apply a lotion to it, it feels greasy and you don’t feel like touching anything. Here’s a tip to help you achieve the perfect balance and not have to worry about dry or greasy hands this fall!

Our handcreams are formulated to be specifically lightweight and super moisturizing!

  • Vanilla Hand Cream: Vanilla, rich with Vitamin B, maintains glowing, moisturized skin and protects from environmental aging factors.
  • Lemon Hand Cream: Infused with coconut oil, this hand cream is great for moisturizing and reducing the appearance of dark spots and age lines on the skin. 
  • Rosehip Hand Cream: Rosehip allows for great moisturization without the greasy feel at the end. 
  • Peach and Papaya Hand Cream: Peach is loaded with macronutrients that tighten pores and brighten skin. Papaya is great for gentle exfoliation and dead skin removal, leaving skin glowing and smooth. 
  • Mango and Lime Hand Cream: Mangoes, high in Vitamin C, support collagen production and help reduce the visibility of find lines and wrinkles. This hand cream is also formulated with Ceramides, locking in moisture and preventing further dryness. 

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