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Curls Gone Wild

Curls Gone Wild

What is something that makes you insecure about rocking your natural hair? For many of us it’s not just the appearance of letting our curls out and untamed, that creates the hesitance, but the reality that once our curls are let loose they will naturally begin to mat and tangle and frizz, and make us regret ever ditching hair ties.  With the proper detangling spray however, you can have the confidence to trust your curls to just shine and behave all day long!

Detangling spray is a hair product used by people who have very curly, thick, or easily tangled hair. It is a product that helps to coat the shaft of each follicle so that they are easy to separate and comb or brush apart.


The top two detangling sprays we recommend (at no surprise), are the Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Detangling Spray and the Honey Health + Repair Detangling Spray. Both sprays detangles and refreshes curls without harsh chemicals that can cause further damage. Made with concentrated, nutrient-rich ingredients, this leave-on conditioning spray intensely softens, silkens and hydrates dry and thirsty hair.


If your hair is matted and dries out easily, I’d recommend the Rose + Hemp Detangling Spray because it specializes in moisturization. Hemp seed oil is packed full of Vitamin E and is a strong conditioning agent. The Rosehip Oil hydrates the scalp to help prevent hair thinning and loss. 


Now if your hesitation to wear your hair out is stemmed from your fear of your hair getting damaged or because it already is, the Honey Health + Repair Detangling Spray is exactly what you need. The Honey Extract and Argan Oil Intensely conditions and softens hair while taming frizz and reducing breakage!


Maybe you think your hair is fine when let loose and you don’t think you need a detangling spray, I would STILL challenge you try and see if your results don’t improve with our products! You can find these curl changing products on the Urban Hydration website.



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