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Doing the Deep Work

Doing the Deep Work

Okay, let’s have a moment of honesty. How many times have you taken the time to wash your face at night and still wake up to makeup smudged on your pillow or dirt on your face towel in the morning? We’ve all been there. Though it is always important to wash your makeup off, no makeup doesn’t guarantee a clean face, even if you don’t visibly see any dirt. 

Urban Hydration has two extremely powerful and effective mud mask solutions to go in, and do the deep work for your skin, while you relax for 10 minutes and take “masked selfies”! 

The Urban Hydration Purify & Detox Charcoal Clay Whipped Mud Mask is a powerful detoxifying and clarifying skin treatment. Charcoal helps attract toxins from your skin like a magnet, removing dirt and oil. Use once a week to treat skin without over-drying.

“I love the way this charcoal face mask has my skin looking refreshed and feeling soft as ever, my skin is real sensitive and dry and this has brought it back to life, I will be honored to invest in more of these wonderful products literally they have the best facial products ❤️!!!” - Ashley M.

Urban Hydration Brighten & Refine Pink Clay Whipped Mud Mask purges dirt, oil and grime from your pores for a radiant, healthier-looking complexion.  This mask detoxes skin by gently extracting impurities from pores and leaves skin smoother and glowing! 

“I just love this Pink Clay mask. Does not irritate skin . Very easy to rinse off .Works wonders for my skin. Shrinks pores. My skin looks and feels amazing, more smooth and brighter. Highly recommend this to everyone.”- Danata

Stop guessing if your skin is being truly cleaned, and purchase a guarantee. You can shop for both of these glow inducing masks at Macy’s, Target, and our website!

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