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Be the Impact Day!

Be the Impact Day!

This Be the Impact Day we want to feature some of the ways that we have made an impact in the last few years!

One of the most important parts of our company and mission is to hydrate the world not only through our products but by donating water as well. Because of this, for every product you purchase, we donate 1 gallon of water to communities in need through WATERisLIFE. Through WATERisLIFE, we were able to take part in building TWO clean water wells in Kenya. Now, we are working to build our own water well in Kenya through your additional support and donations! Click here to donate and join us in building a water well in Kenya!

This Be the Impact Day, make it a point to volunteer a few hours every month at an organization or event near you to help out those who need it! Join a local food bank and assist in food packing events or start your own non-profit to make the difference you wish to see.

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