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Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 3

Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 3

Natural is a word we’ve all heard but perhaps have not been given a proper definition to go with it. It appears on everything from food to lip balm, becoming increasingly popular. The word natural carries weight, but is it deserving of this weight, or is it simply a word that is used to compel people to buy otherwise ordinary products? Well, we can’t speak for the food industry or even the other skin care lines out there, but, as for Urban Hydration, here are the top important questions you might have about our natural products and that everyone should have the answers to!

What Can I Expect After Using Them?

In short, after using our nearly 100% natural products, you can expect healthier, more moisturized, and stronger skin and hair. Here’s why. Fewer chemicals and harsh ingredients (like sulfate) means less damage. So many products today contain harsh chemicals that are actually counterproductive to your skin and hair’s health, resulting in dry hair and irritated skin (irritation equals break-outs). All-natural ingredients, like coconut oil, are unaltered and non-artificial ways to boost moisture and skin health. That’s why we include it in all of our products! Instead of using synthetic stabilizers and solvents, each ingredient that we put in our products is specifically chosen for the purpose of nourishing and hydrating your body. We implement vitamins and rich oils and extracts that add to the quality of the product instead of taking away from it.


What questions did we miss? What do you love about our natural products?

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