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Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 2

Top Things to Know About Our Natural Products: Part 2

Natural is a word we’ve all heard but perhaps have not been given a proper definition to go with it. It appears on everything from food to lip balm, becoming increasingly popular. The word natural carries weight, but is it deserving of this weight, or is it simply a word that is used to compel people to buy otherwise ordinary products? Well, we can’t speak for the food industry or even the other skin care lines out there, but, as for Urban Hydration, here are the top important questions you might have about our natural products and that everyone should have the answers to!

How do I store them?

As we mentioned earlier, our products don’t require refrigeration, but they should still be handled with care because of the amount of natural oils and fruit extracts that are in them. For example, our scrubs our 99.7% natural. They’re literally fruits, vitamins, plants, salts, and sugars all mixed into a beautiful little jar, containing only one preservative to eliminate the need to refrigerate it. Because it’s so natural and contains so little chemicals/preservatives, we highly recommend that you close the jar immediately after use. This is especially important if using it in the shower. We know it smells amazing, and it’s tempting to want to leave the lid off and bask in its aroma; however, doing this could allow water and oxygen to seep in and get trapped, causing a chemical reaction with the natural ingredients. Closing the lid as soon as you scoop out the products is the best way to avoid mold or mildew developing inside the jar and keep it super fresh! We want you to enjoy your product as long as you possibly can.

What questions did we miss? What do you love about our natural products?

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